Expertise & Experience

Money, hands-on assistance,
contacts and more

At Tech Capital, our mission is to help entrepreneurs build world-class technology companies.

While it is certainly true that a good venture capitalist provides much more than cash, we know that the primary reason you’re approaching us is to get the money you need to grow your business – or to create a business based on your technology.

We manage over $95 million in venture capital funds, and more than two-thirds of this money is available for future investments. Typically, we invest $500,000 to $2 million in a company’s seed round, and then continue to support the company through follow-on investments. We have the ability to invest up to $9 million in each of our portfolio companies.

The money is the simple part. We can cut a cheque very quickly when the right opportunity comes along.

But most of the value we bring to a company goes far beyond writing a cheque. When you work with Tech Capital, you benefit from our team’s experience and knowledge and our network of industry contacts worldwide.

Hands-on guidance and support

We take an active role in building your company. One of the key benefits of working with Tech Capital is that we’re always close by, ready to do our part.

Our team has experience leading successful high-tech startups and knowledge gained from having helped build many technology companies.

Whether it’s recruiting a management team, clarifying company strategy, financial planning, establishing business partnerships and alliances, working through management issues or just being a sounding board for your ideas, we’ll be with you every step of the way in working through the challenges start-ups inevitably face.

Our contacts are your contacts

The human resources we’ll bring to your company go beyond the immediate Tech Capital team and advisory board members. When you work with us, our contacts become your contacts.

We have a broad network of existing relationships with lawyers, recruiters, accountants, bankers, financial service firms and IT service providers.

Attracting additional capital

When your business has grown beyond its seed stage and you’re ready to attract additional rounds of capital, we work with you to identify potential venture partners. We’ve worked with some of the largest venture capital firms in Canada and the United States – as technology company management and as venture capitalists – and we’ll help you get the right deal with the right partners.