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PostRankô Launches Publisher Engagement Analytics Service

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – September 24, 2009 – PostRank Inc., developers of the groundbreaking service ( that uses audience engagement to filter and rank online content, is excited to announce the launch of the first social media analytics service specifically for publishers. By collecting and analyzing social engagement events with each story across a wide array of the most important social hubs, PostRank Analytics ( gives publishers a significantly enhanced view of where their audience is and how to best improve reach and reader engagement.


Most publishers aren't aware that over 50% of all online engagement happens in the first hour after a new story is published, and that over 80% of all engagement happens off the publisher's site. As a result, most authors miss the opportunity to quickly find and connect with their readers. PostRank tracks engagement activities across nearly two dozen of the most popular social networks (Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc.) bringing all that data together in one place. Providing authors a real-time pulse on communities around the web enables them to discover where their audience actually lives and contributes, and to join conversations as they're starting. 


PostRank Analytics not only provides specific information about engagement events with each piece of content; publishers can integrate their PostRank Analytics accounts with Google Analytics in seconds to get key performance metrics all in one place. PostRank also keeps a running count of the number of Twitter followers associated with each author.


"Social networks have become extremely influential in the sharing of great content and discovery of important authors," said Ilya Grigorik, founder and CTO.  "Knowing when and where engagement is happening in one comprehensive view can be leveraged by those authors in a number of valuable ways. Having a socially augmented view of a site's most important stats exposes audience interest in a publisher's content and the topics they write about."


PostRank Analytics offers a number of dashboards, including overview statistics for a variety of time periods, which are useful for discovering trends; daily email summaries of the previous day's engagement activities; and detailed post-by-post engagement analysis statistics. The service also includes a Conversation Feed for every story, which aggregates comments related to that specific story from across the web. Authors no longer have to search all of the social networks to see who is engaging with a post, and OpenSocial profiles, where available, display a variety of ways to connect with the audience.


"Our new Analytics service is going to help authors achieve a longer engagement life cycle, gain new readers and understand which topics resonate," said Carol Leaman, CEO.  "We want authors to be able to see how their content is performing in ways that are simple, centralized and current," she added.  "As new social networks emerge, we add them to our list of sources wherever we can, so that we have the most up-to-date and broadest view of the impact of an author's stories."

PostRank Analytics is a subscription-based service that offers a no-risk, 30-day free trial when publishers sign up.


About PostRank Inc.                                                                                                                             

PostRank is at the leading edge of providing data and analysis to enable publishers and the people interested in them to Find and Read What Matters. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, PostRank develops services that capture and make sense of social engagement data on the web. The company launched its first filtering and ranking service in July 2007 and now tracks the more than 50 million social engagement events each day that are associated with the millions of stories published by independent authors and mainstream media.


For more information contact:

Melanie Baker
Community Manager, PostRank
Twitter: @postrank
Phone: 519-514-0064 x224


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