Company Logo Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coreworx Release 6.3 offers new productivity for mega construction projects

Coreworx teams with Chevron to design new product features

Houston, TX – (November 25, 2008) – Coreworx Inc., a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, Inc., (NASDAQ:
ACFN), today announced that its latest platform upgrade, widely anticipated in the mega-capital project
construction market, has been fully field-tested and is now ready for global deployment.

Coreworx release 6.3 is faster and easier for clients to use, further improving its capability as a dynamic and
industry-leading solution for project information control when designing and building complex mega-capital
projects, such as offshore drilling platforms, refineries, and other large energy infrastructure projects.
"With Coreworx 6.3, the transmittal and workflow functionality of Coreworx will enable us to manage the
thousands of documents we receive weekly,” said Mary Lorys, information management analyst at
Chevron. Deborah Dooley, team leader for document controllers at Chevron added, “From what we’ve
experienced so far, we know that release 6.3 is going to significantly increase our productivity."

“For the past 10 months, Chevron project staff has worked closely with the Coreworx development team to
design the enhanced system,” said Ed Fry, Chevron Manager, Major Capital Project Information
Management and Technology Support. “Chevron plans to roll out Coreworx 6.3 to Houston and Singapore
in December and into London during second quarter 2009.”

Initial engagements are underway to deploy Coreworx to Chevron projects to design and construct facilities
that will operate in locations around the world:

• Offshore (Angola)
• Deepwater (Gulf of Mexico)
• Gas Production (China)
• Refinery Expansions (US and Singapore)
• Sour Gas Expansion (Kazakhstan)

Several other Coreworx Owner-Operator clients are preparing global roll outs of the 6.3 solution between
now and the first quarter of 2009

About Coreworx
Coreworx Inc. provides integrated document control and automated workflow management for mega-capital
projects in the energy infrastructure and resource sectors. The Coreworx solution is a proven web-based
enterprise software system that enables engineering and construction contractors and owner/operators to
automate best practices and improve performance throughout the entire project lifecycle. Coreworx enables
client companies to significantly reduce risk, improve control and communications, and mitigate costs.
Coreworx has offices in Houston, Calgary and Kitchener. Coreworx is currently in use by its global
customers on more than 400 capital projects with nearly 70,000 users. Coreworx Inc. is an Acorn Energy

About Acorn Energy, Inc.
Acorn Energy, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company focused on two goals: improving the efficiency of
the energy grid and reducing the environmental impact of the energy sector. Our operating companies
leverage advanced technologies to transform the existing energy infrastructure. Acorn's strategy is to take
primarily controlling positions in companies led by great entrepreneurs and add value by supporting those
companies with marketing, strategy and business development. Acorn Energy is a global company with
equity interests in CoaLogix, Comverge, Coreworx, DSIT, Gridsense and Local Power. For more information

Safe Harbor Statement
This press release includes forward-looking statements, which are subject to risks and uncertainties.. There
is no assurance that our customers’ plans to roll out release 6.3 will proceed as expected. For disclosure of
risks and uncertainties which may affect Coreworx’s business and Acorn Energy's business generally , see
the information under "Risk Factors" in Acorn’s most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q and Annual
Report on Form 10-K as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.



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