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AideRSS Launches and Thematic PostRankTM Elevating RSS and Social Engagement

Waterloo, Ont. — July 10, 2008 — AideRSS, Inc. today announced the launch of the website, further establishing PostRankTM as the industry standard for filtering and ranking online articles, news and blog posts. With the launch of also comes the addition of Thematic PostRankTM, which provides an enhanced level of personalization to the RSS experience by offering a deeper level of customized context and social relevancy.

AideRSS released PostRank one year ago to provide RSS subscribers with an easy way to reduce
information overload and find and read what matters by ranking stories based on the level of social
engagement. A PostRank score of 1 to 10 is applied to each article and instantly indicates a relative
measure of engagement with that item across the internet. It allows the reader to infer attributes of social relevancy and influence to what they are reading. In April, AideRSS was excited to announce a
partnership with NewsGator, further validating the value of the service through the integration of
PostRank with NewsGator’s best of breed NewsGator Online reader.

Now, with the addition of Thematic PostRank, publishers, individuals and developers will get a
significantly enhanced user experience through further customization based on themes or topics of
personal interest.

“The need for thematic ranking was something we heard consistently from our user base,” said Ilya
Grigorik, founder and CTO of AideRSS. “We are rapidly executing on our mission to increase the
relevance of what users find in their RSS inbox. The launch of Thematic PostRank is the next in a series
of many exciting new information management solutions we’re working on.”  Thematic ranking allows the user to group posts or stories from different sources based on topics or themes, then ranks those posts against each other based on social engagement using the PostRank algorithm. Now, in addition to being able to filter and rank a group of feeds or news sources against their own individual historical levels of engagement, users can rank posts or stories from different sources,providing a more powerful and targeted indication of social relevance.

Jeff Nolan, Vice President, NewsGator Consumer & Media Services said, “Thematic Ranking in PostRank
gives users a more focused and personalized experience. Grouping and ranking posts based on themes of interest allows the kind of customization that takes RSS reading to a new level.”

The launch of also makes it easier for publishers, individuals and developers to access the benefits being offered to each target audience. “The excellent feedback we received with respect to the AideRSS website in the last 12 months was instrumental in our decision to launch,” said Ilya Grigorik. “With the service established and the incredible market acceptance we’ve received, we are now looking to turn PostRank into the name brand for RSS filtering and engagement ranking across the internet”.

About AideRSS, Inc.

Founded in January 2007 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, AideRSS focuses on delivering productivity and information management tools that deal with information overload and help users find and “Read What Matters™”. Like a newspaper editor who picks the relevant stories off the newswire services, AideRSS analyzes all of the stories in an RSS stream, assigns a score based on social engagement, and delivers only the most relevant stories to a reader’s inbox based on their chosen filtering level.

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Contact Information:

Ilya Grigorik
AideRSS, Inc.

Carol Leaman
AideRSS, Inc.


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