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LiveHive unveils mobile platform for NanoGaming

LiveHive Unveils Mobile Platform for NanoGaming for Real-Time Interaction with Live TV

Mobile users and web users can now play together.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO—March 15, 2007— LiveHive Systems™ Inc. yesterday showcased its new ‘Mobile Solution’ for NanoGaming at the TV of Tomorrow Conference in San Francisco. NanoGaming is a two-screen application that allows for real-time interaction with live TV. It is a premium content offering that creates value for advertisers, giving them a unique platform to reach users.

With the multi-platform capability of NanoGaming—which is new to the industrymobile users and web users can play together or compete against each other in tournaments. This is the first time a single company is offering such capability. Until now, users were presented with either a Web application or a mobile application, but there was no opportunity for them to communicate in a shared experience between the two platforms.

NanoGaming can be the ideal complement to fantasy sports, allowing participants to play along on a mobile phone while at the actual event, and if they are at home, they can play on their PC or laptop. NanoGaming lets players make up to 400 predictions during a game, as the action unfolds. While LiveHive is initially targeting the two biggest sports in the fantasy sports market -- football and baseball -- NanoGaming can be applied to any live sports or entertainment event on TV.

NanoGaming for Baseball will launch for the coming baseball season, which begins April 1. During the recent Super Bowl, LiveHive conducted a closed trial of participants who followed the game and took part in NanoGaming for Football on the site LiveHive has prepared an Executive Data Summary with information about the activities and satisfaction levels of those who took part.

“Our Super Bowl test study showed that NanoGaming not only kept players watching the game longer, but also made the game more exciting for them,” said Rob Riopelle, LiveHive Co-Founder and VP of Business Development.

“Feedback from players showed that while NanoGaming has great appeal to fantasy sports enthusiasts, who tend to be young affluent males, it also appeals to a broader demographic including women and non-sports enthusiasts. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and a TV, so anyone can play along with their favorite shows. And they can do it from anywhere at any time.”

The TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco is the first industry event that focuses exclusively on the delivery of interactive TV on multiple platforms. This includes cable, satellite, telco TV, wireless, Internet TV, DVRs, handheld devices, iPods, and game consoles. The show is providing a thorough examination of the emerging, interactive multi-platform space.

"The TV of tomorrow will be interactive, social and on multiple platforms," said Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief of InteractiveTV Today [itvt], the publication that organizes the TV of Tomorrow Show. "LiveHive Systems' multi-platform NanoGaming solution is a timely product that has the potential to make this future a reality today."

According to LiveHive’s Riopelle, NanoGaming is ideal for fantasy sites looking to provide their players with a more interactive experience during game time; TV networks seeking creative new ways to engage and grow their audience; and Web portals that want to expand their presence in the online sports industry. LiveHive will be holding a Webinar on NanoGaming for Baseball on March 28, 2007. For more information or to register, please visit the Events section of the website:


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