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Sandvine announces general availability of Worm and Denial-Of-Service Traffic Mitigation for broadband service providers

See self-defending broadband networks in action at SUPERCOMM 2004

SUPERCOMM 2004; June 22, 2004 - Service providers have a new weapon in the battle against worm attacks and their lightning-fast proliferation on broadband networks.

Today at SUPERCOMM 2004, Sandvine announced the launch of its Worm and Denial-Of-Service Traffic Mitigation (WDTM) solution for broadband service providers. In addition to dramatically reducing the network impact of peer-to-peer file sharing, Sandvine’s platform can now monitor peer-to-peer and all other Internet traffic for “wormsign,” neutralizing malicious code in transit before it slows network performance.

“The emergence of hyper-powered worms like Netsky and MyDoom have created an urgent need for equally powerful network-based responses,” said Tom Donnelly, co-founder and VP, marketing and sales for Sandvine. “The latest research shows that file-sharing networks have become favored vectors for worm infection. By adding worm mitigation to P2P Policy Management, Sandvine is helping broadband providers minimize the impact of attacks; protect the consistency of their network performance and insure the broadband experience for their subscribers.”

Besides the obvious threat they pose to subscriber PCs, worms sap processing power from broadband routers and flow-based devices as they struggle to handle excessive, maliciously crafted traffic. This degrades the Internet experience across the service provider’s entire broadband network.

By leveraging its stateful deep-packet inspection technology, Sandvine’s approach tags worm code as it appears on the network, then identifies and counters its destructive properties. By emasculating the worm and isolating its effective range, P2P Policy Management eliminates or dramatically reduces the need for patches or upgrades to routing and switching equipment.

Download Sandvine’s recent white paper: “Worms Gobbling Broadband Profits: The financial impact of attack traffic on North American service provider networks,” available now at

Sandvine’s award-winning network equipment helps broadband service providers characterize what really happens on their networks, enabling policies that improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. Sandvine’s application-aware solutions help service providers take control of P2P traffic, stop the proliferation of destructive worm, DoS and spam traffic and achieve new operational efficiencies. Sandvine products are protecting the Internet experience for millions of broadband subscribers worldwide. To find out more, visit Sandvine online at

** See Sandvine at SUPERCOMM 2004, booth 22900, South Hall A. **

Spec Sheet: Sandvine Worm and Denial-of-Service Traffic Mitigation (WDTM)


  • 100/1000 Ethernet


  • 500 Mb/s


  • Height -1.75 Inches
  • Width -19 Inches
  • Depth -23 Inches


  • N +1 Redundancy
  • Auto-Load Balancing


  • Blaster & variants
  • Nachia
  • Slammer/Sapphire
  • Sobig
  • Welchia &variants
  • MyDoom/Novarg
  • Netsky
  • Bagel/Beagle


  • UL/CSA
  • FCC
  • CE
  • NEBS Level 3
  • Mexico, NOM-019
  • Korea, RRL Certi .ed, KN22,KN24
  • Taiwan, CNS-13438


*List current at time of printing, for full details email


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