Getting Started

Submitting a business plan

Although we’re very selective about the businesses we work with, we want to be as accessible as possible.

Send us a summary by e-mail
The best way to make contact with us is to send a summary of your business plan by e-mail to Andrew Abouchar, Tim Jackson, Jacqui Murphy or Peter Frisella. We will all discuss the opportunity, so it makes no difference which one of us you send it to.

A concise description of your compelling idea
As seed-stage investors, our requirements are simpler than those of later-stage venture capitalists. We’re not expecting you to present us with a plan that includes a complete management team and spreadsheets with five-year financial projections.

Initially, all we need is a summary – a succinct description of:

  • Your technology – an overview of what you’ve developed
  • Who will use it and why – potential customers and steps you’ve taken to validate their need for the technology
  • The competition, including substitutes – what are people using today?
  • The barriers to having another company duplicate it – is it hard to recreate what you’ve developed?
  • Company founders and other members of your team – what is your background and domain expertise?

We’ll review your summary and contact you within a couple of days to let you know our level of interest and fit with our requirements and objectives.

Please click on these links for more information about What We Look For and What We Offer.


Portfolio Company

"When we first approached Tech Capital with our idea, we had a strong product concept and market knowledge but we didn't have a traditional business plan in place. But Tech Capital liked our concept and had confidence in our ability to make it work. They were willing to take a risk and get something started."

Jim Trainor 

Co-Founder & 

Director of Engineering 


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